Upon completion of a 40-year cycle as a founding partner of Miranda & Estavillo, a Mexico City law firm recognized for its International practice of most areas of law and its representation of many international and domestic large companies, Fernando Estavillo-Castro decided to conclude his professional cycle as a partner of Miranda & Estavillo to capitalize the diversity of his own professional experience in the practice of law accumulated from participating very actively in Mexico and abroad in many matters related to a great variety of areas of law, by engaging himself solely in the practice of arbitration, which is the field to which his experience has been particularly oriented throughout the last fifteen years.


In this new stage of his professional career, he shall be engaged in the Arbitration practice solely and exclusively as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator or chairman of the arbitral tribunal, thus excluding  from his professional practice all kinds of counseling in the area of arbitration, acting as party counsel and acting as expert witness on any issues being the subject matter of judicial or arbitral disputes.


During his extensive law practice throughout over forty years, his broad experience included the

following areas:


• Arbitration, in the capacity as sole arbitrator, co-arbitrator, chairman of the arbitral tribunal,

   expert witness and party counsel

• International business transactions

• All kinds of international contracts

• Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

• Public procurement and contracts involving government entities, related to public works,

   leases and rendering of services

• Mining law

• Admiralty law

• Administrative law and marine insurance

• Economic competition and unfair trade practices

• Communications and railroads law

• Oil, gas and energy

• Licensing, transfer of technology and intellectual property

• Corporate law

• Administrative and constitutional litigation

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